Monday, 31 July 2017

Day of being a Model

During our final year last semester, they will a photo shoot session offer to final year students like me and my fellows. I guess the purpose of this is to create the memory within ourselves with the condition of grouping a group of 10 to 20 people with a theme. In my group, there are twenty of us so basically it was kinda big group, many things need to be compromised in order to make it work. We discuss a lot but end up we choose to wear blue and white. On the day, we get to take a single portrait for our graduation ceremony and also take a lot of group photos that made up of many funny expression and posing. Well, what I can say is that, photos do create memories. Here are the photo shoot photo.
Which team will win?


Boys team

Nv Shen (Lady God)

Free style

Are we cute?

The fight is still continue

Personal Portrait for Graduation Ceremony

Candid Shot from my friends

This photo shoot session, we had to prebook it and too bad, we booked the day that we actually had our midterm exam. But, whatever, we did enjoy for the whole morning and enjoy our breakfast afterward. By the way, I do know a lot of friends from this photo shoot session. Might be awkward when first meet, but getting warmer to each other sooner or later especially when all get crazy during the ongoing photo shoot. Another story to share. Just cut all this short, I am happy to have this memories in my life, friends might not be always for you but photos does. A day of being a model was nice though.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Day of Glorious

Every parent's dream is to look at their children success in the life. They will try to spend their hardship money to support their children in educating them and to send them to college so that they able to get a good job in near future. Well, my parent did the same and I graduated by obtaining a bachelor degree. 4 years of university life aren't easy especially when assignments and unfinished exam are haunted you. However, I did enjoy the life in the 4 years, got to know a lot of friends, but some friends ended up become a 'Hi Bye' friends. On the other hand, some friends will be ended up like a family especially those that going thru thick and thin together no matter on study or personal life. They will have your back when things get tough. To be honest, sometime I feel blessed to have them in my life, without them, my university life will be so dull. I guess I will cut all these shorts, after 4 years of study, I graduated with my fellows in year 2016 but unfortunately, some will have to extend their study and now they graduated as well. Here are the photos that show my glorious day with the gown that maybe you will just have it once in your lifetime and walking on the stage to receive the cone that witnessed by hundred of attenders. 
Received the Cone from VVIP

Photoshoot in the studio

Family Potrait

Attended this bitch's ceremony a day before mine

Just random capture the photo because the ceremony was way too boring

Selfie after getting the cone

The Palace that I had my graduation ceremory

With Parent

Family who attended my convocation

With Grandpa

With Shu Mai 

A friend that attended ours

With Final Year Projects

Close friends who graduated at the same time

With Suhui

With Xinyu

When a photographer helped us take photo

Yeah, we officially graduted

A team that I cannot lack of

Boys team

FYP Teammate

This guy has the same name as mine

Just something that I received 
After the glorious day ended, we all headed to our own path but still will meet up occasionally to update our life and stuff. Once friends, friends for lifetime. Thank You those who attended my graduation ceremony and also friends that I met throughout my university life. No matter where we are in the future, I wish you all, all the best in the future and you guys are my friends.

Friday, 28 April 2017

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since the last time I blogged about my life, my travel with friends and my dilemma in choosing the path that I wish to continue my live with. Since then, I had been having my internship in a medium Audit Firm for 3 months. In these 3 months, I learnt a lot about auditing, accounting and taxation and able to apply what I have learnt from my study. It was such a blessed that I able to join the company as the colleagues are really nice and they were pretty helpful and keen to guide a zero working experience intern to perform the work and get them done. So I think I am just being grateful to know them then, After that 3 months of internship,I headed back to my college life which I guess I had enjoyed the most in my life with great friends and freedom. Another reason why I stopped blogging for such a long time is because I was busy with my study and my final year project with my groupmates and of course the stress from other assignments and also exams. Well, all these went well and I finally graduated as a Degree Holder, major in accountancy and financing. Many things had happened before I graduated which I think it brought me lots of memories like my birthday celebrations, two photoshooting sessions, a getaway with friends before exam and etc. All of these created memories. Then I headed to a solo backpacking trip to Krabi, Thailand which I will update you guys next time with videos and photos I promised and I also went to Hanoi, Vietnam right after the trip to Krabi. Guess, I did not update my blog for more than 1 year. Many things had changed and happened like relationship, friendship, careers, lifestyle and way of thinking. For your information, I am in a relationship but it is a long distance relationship which I will not disclose the face of the person because should have some privacy though. I joined a company as an accountant after I graduated and required to travel sometime to east Malaysia to work. Overall the company is good but things get tension nowadays and I was planning to resign sooner or later. So, maybe I will either choose cabin crew or be a financial analyst instead of doing account again because I realize that doing account or audit is not the career path that I wanted to. Despite of that, I'm still taking a professional paper called ACCA which me and my partner believed it will be easy for to move to other country with a better qualification. Overall, my life had been up and down. Many thought yet to be reveal. All the struggle in the relationship is getting better but of course hope for the best for both of us. I will still continue to travel to other parts of the world and of course I will continue to blog about my life and my experience in travelling alone or with friends since many of my friends are asking why I stopped blogging for so long. So I guess it is time to blog despite I am still busy with my study and my work. Oh yeah, before I ended my long story life, I joined gym for a healthy lifestyle and also a better body shape. No doubt, gym makes me more energetic and sporty in my life. I will work harder in blogging, my study, my career and of course my relationship with the one despite obstacles are blocking my way. I believed there is a will, there is a way. If this way cannot work, then work against it until it works.

Monday, 29 June 2015

What Should I do?

I'm back to this topic again because these things really overwhelm me. I always have an idea on what to do for my future but always got ruin by my family members. They asked me to be realistic because the life and the social that we lived in is realistic. I WANT TO BE A TRAVELER and I MEANT TO BE! I had been saving every penny that I got so I can travel. I remembered once that I found a cheap flight ticket to Krabi so I asked my siblings about it because I want to get their consent on what I do. Whose know, they rejected and said, you're too young to do this on your own and DO YOU HAVE MONEY? SEE, HOW REALISTIC THEY ARE! Well, I'M 21st YEARS OLD AND I'M AN ADULT which mean I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! Anyway, they just killed me! To be honest, I really want to be a BACKPACKER no matter HOW HARD LIFE IS! I can hitchhike, camping, couchsurfing etc. I know it's not easy but NEVER TRY NEVER KNEW and I also know that if I propose this to them again, they will just kill me with more bullets! Seriously? Why they always want to have a stable live? Well, I don't! I like to move from A to B then B to C and so on so forth. It is not the matter that I got lots of money but the dream and desire that seeded and nurtured in my heart wants me to continue to live with it. I don't want when I got old, all I left is working experience. This is not I want! Yes, I know everyone has difference point of view. But the thing is, please don't kill an ambitious young man with those excuses. I'm gonna tell you, it's only work for now but not later. I got my own thinking and this is my life so non of your business. Well, I guess I sound selfish but I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! I'm gonna execute the plan sooner or later!
Next, I don't know why my mom got such a conservative mind. She asked me to stay in where I currently live now and don't go oversea to work if I got the chance. Well, I can tell you, if I got a chance to leave, I will take it without hesitation. You wouldn't know how life on the other side of the world until you try it. This is how I tell her and she still insisted me to stay here. HELL NO! Whatever, I just smile and don't give a shit! 
Alright, enough for such shitty things. Remember that I had uploaded a blog about my corporate trip. This trip again gave me an idea to stick at my work which will be so lifeless though I have an opportunity to move from A to B and B to c etc. This is regarding work and not travel. WHAT I WANT IS TRAVEL AND MAKE MONEY FROM TRAVELING AND NOT JUST WORK AND MAKE MONEY! I really bored with my life. I wish I can change it and I will change. I just don't know which path to go. Everyone I talked to, they will ask me to put myself into other's shoes, you need to earn for future family or even go after your dream. I started to read lots of travel blog, follow them and even communicate with them. I wish I can make friends like them but in fact, friends around me are not like them. They prefer luxury trip instead of trying different kind of thing. Not many friends of mine will like to have adventure activities. Well, I guess I'm the only one who are interested in those things.
So many things to think of but I guess I will follow my heart though I may have a hard but experienced life. I WISH I CAN DO WHAT TOMISLAV OR JOHNNY DID! CIAO!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Corporate Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Few days ago, I was joining a corporate to 2 Accounting/Audit Firms in Malaysia. That day, we gathered and departed from Kampar at around 8.30am and we reached the 1st firm at around 11.30am. On the way, most of us slept in the bus because we had woke up early in the morning in order to get our ready for the trip. All of us were wearing formal attire. Anyway, the 1st firm that we stopped by is Broadroom Limited. It is an accounting firm that provided lots of services except audit. We listened to their talk for around one and half hour. Both speakers and the staffs of the firm are very friendly and in fact, the talk had shaken my interest to join tax area which previously was audit area. They gave us a recycle bag with file that contain their slides and also application form for internship and permanent employment, a bottle of water and a pen. Due to time constraint, we were unable to stay long at the firm so we had our lunch nearby and the lunch was provided by the firm. We walked to the restaurant to have their most popular food which is Nasi Lemak. This Nasi Lemak is the most famous in Uptown Area. Everyone who come to Malaysia must have a try on that. The restaurant was full house at the moment and Thanks God, they had made some reservation so we got our seats. This time, me and my friends had to separate due to limited places for fitting 3 of us in one table so I sat with other people who I knew them from the camp that I went previously. I was not so close to them but after awhile I was so crazy with them. We eat, we chat and we joke around. Among those table, we were the only one that laugh so hard, can say is the most noisy one. We even joke around with one of the organizer. The feeling was really great! For your information, I ate 2 plates of Nasi Lemak. Actually they served one plate each people but the organizer saw me only ate the chicken and the rice had finished, so she gave me another plate to eat. This make me so FULL like literally! After the lunch, we have to say goodbye to them and move to another firm which is Deloitte, an Audit Firm. This is the Big Four Firm and I always wanted to be part of them. When we were there, one of the staff directed us to a meeting room for attending a talk from one of their manager. I like the talk very much as it was very informative and I sat at the 1st row which make me more clear about it. I get to ask question to them to make myself more clear about which way I should go. In fact, I was so clear at the moment and I know this is what I want. After the talk, the firm provided us dessert, tea and coffee. We went to their cafeteria. The reaction when I stepped in to their cafeteria is WOW! This is so beautiful, young and incredible. Me and my friends took some photos there and chit chat a little bit before we attend another session. After tea, another session start and we have to do survey on something. Actually we have to get a company tour before we back to Kampar but due to time constraint, we canceled the tour and get our butt up to the bus. It was around 6pm at the moment. As you know, it was the time that will have traffic jam and we're trapped. Whatever, I used to it. Before we went back, we stopped at R&R in Rawang to have our dinner. The dinner was good but not as good as lunch. We spent around one hour there and started our journey back to Kampar at 8pm. On the way back, all of us were so tired so we slept again. At around 10pm, we reached Kampar and all of us went back to our hostel. Overall, the trip was fun, enjoyable and informative. Oh yeah, I did submit my resume to Deloitte before I left. Hopefully I will get a feedback from them for my internship position. That's all for the corporate trip and here are some photos that we took for the day. 

With Committee from the previous camp

Be a Model whist having the dessert

The dessert was good and I couldn't wait to finish it

The famous Nasi Lemak in Uptown

All photos were taken with Iphone 5s. No filter and more photos for tomorrow! Ciao!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Celebrating Friends' 21st Belated Birthday

Celebrating family members, friends or lover's birthday is very common nowadays. To make it special, we always have to come out with an idea so it will surprise them or shocked them and make a memorable birthday celebration to him/her. No doubt, I will be the one who always come out with ideas and for this time, I decide to celebrate 3 of their birthday in one straight. Why celebrate in one straight? Because their birthdays are in our semester break so we unable to celebrate with them as all of us are come from different states. Anyway, I booked them before new semester commence and plan to try the newly open steamboat restaurant in Kampar. Alright, the day had came and my friend and I went to buy cakes for them. Why is cakes and not cake? Because We bought 3 small cakes and 1 big cakes for them as it is a 3 person birthday right. Anyway, you check out the cake at the video later. We spent around 3 hours to eat as it is a steamboat buffet so we can eat as many as we can so the money that we paid is worth. In fact, the price is very reasonable as it costed us RM27.50 per person. In the matter of fact, my friends didn't know that the dinner was actually for their belated birthday celebration. Something funny happened and it shocked me! Whilst we're having our meal, the shop played the birthday song out of sudden and I was like 'OMG, what's going on?' I was so stunned at the moment until I found out that the birthday song was actually for other people. Thanks GOD! Whatever, we continued to have our meal then my friend and I went to the counter and get the cakes and lighted up the candles. The birthday songs started to play and we sang them birthday song. We took videos, photos and ate the cake of course before we went back to our hostel. They seem happy actually and one of the birthday friends said that she never thought there will be celebrating her belated birthday which we did it. Hopefully they felt surprised and happy for the celebration. Oh yeah, normally people will buy present for the one who birthday which we didn't but I do make a video for them that recorded down our precious moment that we spent together. Without bluffing, I wish them Happy Birthday once again, all the best in everything, stay healthy and stay happy! 

Birthday Girl- Suhui

Birthday Boy- Sheng Ping

Birthday Girl- Xinyu

Sisters love

Big Degree Family


The guy was too shy to hold girls' hand! HAHAHA LMAO

To get an overall of the celebration, check out the video!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day in Malacca- Previous Trip Day 3&4

We woke up very early in the morning because we're going to taste the famous chicken rice in Malacca town nearby the entrance of Jonker street which if we go late, we have to queue up! We went to the shop at around 9am and thanks GOD, we need not to queue up and there was a table for us. We settled down and ordering our food and the food was ready to serve! 

The Church nearby our parking lots

On the way to have our chicken rice

Woohoo! Famous Chicken Rice! A MUST when go to Malacca!

After the delicious and satisfied breakfast, we headed to A'Famosa and it took us around 45 minutes to reach the destination. On the way, some of us took a nap because it was a long journey and felt sleepy after a full breakfast!

The Entrance of A' Famosa with Christmas Theme

The Tank at the roadside

We got ourselves a pass to enter the safari! It costs us around RM50 per ticket if you hold a MyKad

The Parrots on my shoulder and hand

Look like we're in Jurassic Park

The small garden in Safari

One of the animals' show in Safari 

Went to another small island on the lake for witnessing the monkey and sheep

Entrance of another show which included in the ticket purchased

Cowboy Show

Taking a tour to wild animals like tiger, crocodile, lion etc.

Lion King!

We spent around half of our day in this Safari and it's kind of awesome because we able to get 3 shows in this safari and a meal. All these are included in the ticket purchased so it's worth to enter! For more videos, can check out my instagram as I had uploaded some videos regard the shows. These are the link and link. In fact, there are still some other theme parks to enjoy like water theme park, old west etc which u can check this website out for more information. We only able to enjoy Safari Wonderland due to time constraint. After spent hours in Safari Wonderland, we headed back to the town. On the way, we stopped buy a shop that sell coconut milkshake which is the famous drink in Malacca as well. It tastes pretty good and I would like to have another one if I have that chance.

The Entrance of the Shop

This is the one, Coconut Milkshake

We took away this drink and enjoyed it on the way we back to the town! Time passed real quick and it's dinner time again. This time, we went to a Nyonya Restaurant nearby our hotel and it took us around 15 min to reach by car. In this restaurant, they will have Nyonya culture performance so besides enjoying your food, you can experience the culture of Nyonya and even took photo with the performers. The food is pretty good as well.

Photo with the performers 

1st dish - chicken


2nd dish - vegetable


3rd dish - Tomyam Fish

Well, all these dishes had satisfied our appetite. After dinner, we went to Portugal Village. What so special about that? During Christmas, the residents of the village will decorate their house with Christmas Trees, light on etc for tourism like us to witness and it's pretty cool. Some of them will open up their gate for you to enter their house for a look. It's pretty lively! If you're hungry, there is a hawker centre for you to have your supper and it's nearby the sea! AWESOME! After an hour or 2 hours that spent in that village, we headed back to our hotel to take a rest, play games and called off the day. Awesome and fun day though tired!

All these photos were taken in that village! Pretty cool right! Enjoy every single moment that I spent in that village and were taken with iPhone 5s. No filter on the photos.

Alright, the next morning which is the forth day and also the last day of our trip, we went back to Jonker Street to have our breakfast. I had cendol and Nasi Lemak as my breakfast and they taste good. After that, we went to The Stadthuys there to buy our souvenirs like shirts, keychain etc. Before that, we went back to the shop where we had our durain cendol to get some native of Malacca. Before we back to our hometown, we went to Mahkota Parade. What so special about the Mall? We went there because of Nadeja. It's a shop that sell cake with layers. As one of my friends' birthday is around the corner, we order few slides of cakes to make a round so we ended our trip by celebrating his birthday! 

Breakfast on the Last day!

Nadeja Cakes! YUMMY!

Happy Birthday My Friend!

After the celebration, we went back our home! It was an awesome and incredible trip to me!We have joy, we have fun, we have precious moment in our life! Trip is what make our life better, look around the world, the culture in different places, the local food and the enthusiasm of the local! All these will complete a human being with experienced and knowledge. No doubt, I enjoyed every single moment or every single trip that I went on! Because we only live once. Experience and Enjoy are the most important in life! Life is short in fact, so we have to treasure and appreciate every moment that we spent together no matter with family, friends or even stranger, As stranger may become our friend or even closed friend! Anyway, this is the end of my trip with my Degree friends! Thanks for appearing in my Unilife, to colour my life's puzzle in order to make it a complete one at the end of my life! Thanks and Appreciate.