Sunday, 31 May 2015

Movie Marathon and a great meal with my ATC friends

I get to know these friends after I went to Against The Current and Alex Goot's live in KL. Actually is a friend of mine who I knew her through Twitter and she asked whether I want to join her group or not. Well, I think it's not a bad idea to get to know more people in my life so i agreed and she brought me into the group. What I can say about the group is that the group is so lively but i seldom comment or whatever until lately, I'm in semester break so I did some comment at the group by asking them to hang out together. Before that, we did hangout to an event called Ohhsome Festival which held in Avenue K. That hangout was pretty cool actually, we chatted, we took photos and even we played the reverse bungee that provided by the organizer of the events. Well, I played it for twice and some of them just played for once because they're too scare of it. :)
Well, I guess I'm out of topic. Anyway, this is how I meet them and have fun with them. I seldom hangout with them because I'm not in town like always so this time, I ask them out since I'm having my semester break. We picked a day and picked a place in the group. At the end, we decided to go to Subang Parade to have a movie and lunch elsewhere. But whose know, when we finished a movie right, one of them suggest to watch another which is like a movie marathon so everyone of us agreed and we watched the latest movie which is San Andreas. What I can say about the movie is that the movie is great, thrill, nice and awesome. Before that, we were watching Pitch Perfect 2 and the movie is nice too, the music is awesome and the flow of the story is great too! Comment for both movies can describe in one words which is AWESOME! But in between, we gotta grab our lunch before continue with San Andreas movie so we discuss many about which restaurant to have our lunch. At the end, we had Nando's as our lunch and it is pretty full! Then we chit chat over there because we still have time for that and we watched the movie after that we went home!
The outing was fun actually and in the matter of fact, I spoke a lot in English which all of us are communicating in English! I'm so glad that I still able to speak fluently after so long. I guess the time where I spoke a lot in English when I was in Secondary school whereby I knew this Indian friend and we're best friend so most of the time in school, I will only talk to him which is great and my English is improving. Anyway, I'm out of topic again. Haha! This comes to the end of my outing with my ATC friends. We went for a movie marathon, a great meal and a great chit chat session! But sadly to say that we didn't take any photos but my friend do take one which is our movie tickets. Alright, gotta Ciao and I'll see you guys again in our next meeting with more people to join. :)