Sunday, 14 June 2015

3 Days 2 Nights without Technologies

Most of the people in this world probably can't live without technologies, not even a single day and I'm not the exception. Here comes to my 3 days 2 nights camp in one of the NS campsite in Malaysia. In fact, it was an interaction camp among universities like UTAR, TARUC, MMU and Inti.

The 1st Day:
We headed to the campsite on Friday morning and the committees started to collect our belongings like wallet, camera, watch and cellphone. One of the reason they gave is that they worried our belongings will get stole. Anyway, we started to do grouping after the collection of the belongings. We back to our dorm which can fit around 25++ people and of course male and female are separated into different dorms. After that, we're grouping again, this time we have to stick together with same people for the rest of the camp and me and my friends had separated into different groups. I guess this is the way to get to know new friends. I'm Aries and I was grouped with people with Aries too. there were 4 males included me and 4 females. Then we started to make our flag and came out with a slogan to represent us. Our slogan is 'We're Group Aries, Be Young, Be Adventurous, We're Amazing'. Before we started to have some games, we listened to a talk that given by ACCA members and we had our lunch after the talks. Anyway, we started to play games. The games were separated into 4 stations and 3 groups will be competing at each station. We played the games under the rain and it was awesome. We showed our teamwork and get thing done 1st among other group in our 1st station and we proceeded to other station. The games were quite fun though it's exhausted. We took around 3 hours to complete 4 stations. The result of the games was we're getting wet! So we headed to our dorm and start showering and took a rest or chit chat with new friends. Then we had our dinner and we're dancing. Another games commence right after the dancing session and this time, we had to play for 6 stations and we did all the station successfully and it's awesome! Again, our team spirit and friendship start to grow and I'm happy to be with them. We back to our dorm after that and we showered, chit chat though we had turn off our light. It's sound awesome right! We chatted a lot before we slept. This is how we ended our 1st day without technologies.

The 2nd Day:
We woke up very early next day at around 4.30am. We were woke by one of the committees. She keeping shouting 'wake up' 'wake up'. It was such a rush! We don't even have time to wash our face or brush our teeth or even go to pee because we had another mission to go. We gathered at the hall again and there was a video clip play on the screen. The video was sort of ghost clips to scare you. Whatever, we took our mission and we went thru them. We stick together because we don't want anyone to get hurt. The purpose of the game is to see whether we able to save the girl that showed in the video clips in 2 hours time. We all like 'what?'. We were so blurred at the moment but we still moving! This time, none of us complete the task because we got no enough time and it's so dark! We headed back to dorm to brush our teeth and shower then gather in the hall and have our breakfast. We had another games went on after the breakfast. This time, the games were separated into 4 stations and as usual, we have to compete with other 2 groups. We played with water, barefoot etc. It was awesome and our group managed to get around 3 out of 4 for 1st place. Team spirit and friendship grow again. After all the games, we had our talk again from KPMG and our lunch! Without any resting time, we started another games session again. This time, we were group into 2 people in a group to complete 30 tasks. We used around 4 hours to complete all. But before that, we were assigned a task which is to perform a short drama on the stage at night. We get 'My heart will go on' and 'Rejoice' as our title and we came out with the parody of Titanic. Time flies and we're performing on the stage and it was so hilarious. Then we had campfire and our dinner at the campfire area. It's raining again but our activity still go on. We played some music and started to jump and dance with each other. What a night! We were so enjoyed. Raymond, Matthew and me keep stick together and we jumped together with other 2 of my friends! SO AWESOME! So basically, this is how we ended our second day with technologies. The only different is that, we got no energy to talk anymore after a hectic day. So we slept.

The 3rd and also Last Day:
We need not to wake up as early as the previous day. We woke at 8.30am in the morning and it's rainy day so it's frigging cold. We washed our face and brushed our teeth and we headed to have our breakfast in the hall. We headed to have our jungle trekking after the breakfast. The whole journey of jungle trekking took us around 3 hours to complete. We crossed the rivers, climbed the mountain and walked the awful road. All these were memories that will never fade. We had our lunch and talk from member of BDO after the jungle trekking session. After the talk, we were showed a video that made by the committees that showed the overall activities of the camp with photos. I was so touched and blessed that I able to know so many friends and gained experience that I will never get in my unilife at that moment. My newly know friend was sitting beside me who is Raymond. Then, we headed back to our dorm and pack our things. We gathered and collected our belongings in the hall. The 1st thing that I did right after I get my phone back is to take photos which I will showed it sooner or later . We hugged each other before some friends back to their university and we shouted and say goodbye to each other. It's time to go home with precious memories. This is how we ended the last day with and without technologies.
Anyway, the overall of this camp was good and I enjoyed it very much! The food was good, the place we stayed was good too and friends I made were awesome! Here are some photos that I took right after I got back my phone.

With Yee Yee

With Raymond and Yee Yee

With Jimmy

With Aubrey

With Raymond, Jimmy and Aubrey

With Raymond, Jimmy, Aubrey and Wei Yee

With same people plus one committee


With Chai Sin

With Matthew

With Raymond, Matthew, Jimmy, Aubrey and Wei Yee

Raymond's pose

With Shumai

With Raymond, Matthew, SK and Wei Yee


With Wei Yee

With Group members except Jimmy and Aubrey

Group photo


'We're Group Aries, Be Young, Be Adventurous, We're Amazing'

With Ah Yeah, dorm mate

With Raymond, MMU's Friend and Adrian

With Adrian

With Jun Xian, Yong Shun

With Raymond

With Shumai and Raymond

With Raymond, Shumai and Ysin



Selfie with committee

Ting Ting, committee

CK, Committee


These are memories that I will remember forever! Everything in life isn't come easy! Treasure and Appreciate every single precious moment that God create for you! Thank you! YOLO, you only live once! Grab every opportunity that come to you, you'll never what's the result looks like if you didn't try or take the opportunity! LIVE NO REGRET! One thing I learnt the most from the camp is human can actually live without technologies, it eventually can build our friendship, team spirit, live the life, get to each other better etc. I LOVE THESE DAYS!!!