Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A day that I spent with Magic! in KL Live

Last year, I won a ticket to Magic! live in KL. I was so happy at that moment! I won it from Guinness Amplify but I only won for a ticket which mean I have to go alone. Whatever, I enjoy it anyway. When I told my mom that I got a pass to the live, my mom asked me how I did that. Well, I get the information online so I applied and I was informed two weeks later that I won the pass. When my sister knew it, she said to my brother ironically that I'm actually bravest than my brother because normally I made decision without asking their permission or opinion which my brother never did the same. I was like what?Did she need to say that but I'm happy though. Anyway, I was informed via email and I was stunned when I got the email so I posted it on my instagram which u guys can check the ticket here. In fact I was so nervous on what to wear and how to go because it is my first to go to this place so I did lots of research on how to go and I wore a T-shirt with a short and a backpack to go! Before I go, I got to know that one of my newly know friend was going too which is Mark O'dea. So here comes to the day of Magic! live in KL. I went there at around 4pm by KTM and also Monorail. I was feeling quite uncomfortable when I reached because people wearing suits and ties and I was just wearing shirt. Oh No! whatever, I was going there for fun! We queue up to get into the stage. Before I got in, I get to know another friend who came alone too. After We went into the stage, both of us know another friend from Spain. Oh My Gawd, I knew quite a number of new people and it is awesome. Before Magic! was on the stage, there were few local Singer and local band performed on the stage. I enjoyed every single moment in it. When Magic! came to the stage, it was the climax of the day! Everyone was so enjoyed and some were dancing with the music and sang together. Their songs are nice! I able to record every single songs that they sang which I had uploaded to Youtube but some of them are only half song due to storage problem. I was so happy and enjoyed! You can check the my instagram for two clips for Magic! here and here. Anyway before I left, I able to take some photos with my friend and his sister. My friend, Mark Odea is the artist or model or TV Host. It was an awesome night to me which I combined some photos and post it on my instagram. Another night to remember!

The Entrance of the stage 

Newly know friends :-)

It's Magic!

So so so AWESOME!

Why u gotta be so rude! - Rude by Magic!

A photo with Mark Odea after the show

Wefie with Mark Odea and Kat Odea

Selfie with Mark!

This is the night that filled up a part of my life! Went to awesome live and meet awesome people! Life doesn't come easy, treasure it and enjoy every single moment until like no tomorrow! Chill people! AWESOME! All photos were no filter and taken with iphone 5s.