Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A New Gadget

Today I got my new gadget which is Sony Action Cam! Initially, I was thinking to buy a GoPro Hero 4 Silver but until the end I choose to buy Sony Action Cam. Why would I make that decision? This is because of the Salesperson who did changed my decision. Before I went to the shop to get my GoPro, I had some research on GoPro but whose know when I walked into the shop and asked, the salesperson recommend me to take Sony Action Cam instead of GoPro because it's cheaper, better quality which he proved us with a video clips from Youtube and also the accessories are cheaper than GoPro. When the salesperson recommend the other type of action cam, I was so dilemma and nervous. I don't know which one to choose as the most wanted action cam is GoPro. But the salesperson able to change my mind and my brother was with me at the moment and he said Sony Action Cam is better. So without further hesitation, I choose to buy Sony Action Cam with some accessories like the extra battery, headband etc. Actually, the feeling that I had at that moment is so surreal, I never thought that I can buy a camera. So, I would like to thanks my dad and mom for buying me this camera. I will protect it like a baby, fully utilize it and record down all the memories that I would ever have in my life.

Things I got with the action cam

The waistband that come with the action cam

Anyway, it doesn't come with bag or charges so I will get one ASAP. :)))
End of Story, I GOT MY NEW GADGET!