Sunday, 14 June 2015

Alex Goot & Against The Current! Live in KL

I guess I start listening to cover songs or original songs from Youtube in 2007. I started to have this habit because I was influenced by one of my best brothers from a tuition centre, Daniel Chan who study in Canada right now. The first cover song I listened to is a mashup from Sam Tsui and Kurt! I got addicted to cover songs since then. I keep searching for cover songs on Youtube and I realize there are lots of Youtubers are doing covered songs or original songs which the songs are pretty good and get good responses from fans. After some time, Sam and Kurt had collaborated with Against The Current and Alex Goot with a song which I can barely remember that because there are lots. Since then, I know Against The Current and Alex Goot and keep on listening to their songs. This is how I got addicted to Youtube with such talented Youtubers. In June or July 2014, I got to know that Against The Current (ATC) and Alex Goot will be performing in Malaysia so I asked permission from siblings and they bought the ticket to me so that I can enjoy the show. Here is my pass to the Live that sponsor by my sister. I was so happy when I got the pass, I keep listening to their songs in my hostel and enjoy every single covered songs and original songs that sing by them! It was awesome! Anyway, the excitement is getting higher and higher when the day is getting closer. Here come to the day! My sister drove me to the venue which is in Damansara Area and dropped me there! I was going alone because non of my friends know who they are. Whatever, I just go! There are lots of people and mostly they are around my age. The crews there were selling some merchandises like their EP, bracelets, t-shirts, spec etc. I got myself two bracelets and a spec that they printed 'Alex Goot' on it. I went there around 3 hours earlier as it was a free standing show so in order to get to stand at the front, I have no choice but go earlier. Actually I got to know Mark Odea there! :-)
Besides Alex and ATC will be performing, there were still others youtubers who will perform on the stage too like An Honest Mistake, Liz and The Ming Thing. An Honest Mistake rock the world, Liz plays with music instruments and The Ming Thing did a mashup. They are awesome actually and you can checkout their Youtube Channel. This time, I'm getting more addicted to Youtube and I can't live without Youtube like seriously. Anyway, The climax reached when ATC performed on the stage! Everyone shouts out loud to them and sing together with them. It is awesome! The day before the event was the birthday of Chrissy, member of ATC, so the host of the event prepared a cake for her and we sang her a birthday song! It was great! Anyway, their performances were really a good one and I gained lots of experience from that. I enjoyed the show thought I was alone. I never regret to go to it because I can meet new people which I can't do that in my Unilife. Since I went to the live, my friends circle is getting wider and wider. After the show, I took photos with some of them like Liz, Ming Yue from The Ming Thing, Mark Odea etc. Here are some photos for you guys to enjoy. :-)\

Bracelets I bought

So many people were q-ing to get in to the show

Ready to get it!

The stage of the night

Liz on the stage


Mark is the MC of the night

The Ming Thing on the stage

An Honest Mistake on the stage

Chrissy, ATC on the Stage


Will is a drummer 

Alex was collaborate with Dan, Joe and Will

Good Show

Alex, Daniel, Will and Joe on the satge

Selfie with Liz

Selfie with Mark


Another photo with Mark

Selfie with member of An Honest Mistake

An autograph from Mark

Sorry for some shaky photos because I was so excited and my hand was shaking. ;-)
Anyway, you guys can check out my youtube for more videos or even my instagram. An Awesome Night with Awesome People.