Sunday, 21 June 2015

Celebrating Friends' 21st Belated Birthday

Celebrating family members, friends or lover's birthday is very common nowadays. To make it special, we always have to come out with an idea so it will surprise them or shocked them and make a memorable birthday celebration to him/her. No doubt, I will be the one who always come out with ideas and for this time, I decide to celebrate 3 of their birthday in one straight. Why celebrate in one straight? Because their birthdays are in our semester break so we unable to celebrate with them as all of us are come from different states. Anyway, I booked them before new semester commence and plan to try the newly open steamboat restaurant in Kampar. Alright, the day had came and my friend and I went to buy cakes for them. Why is cakes and not cake? Because We bought 3 small cakes and 1 big cakes for them as it is a 3 person birthday right. Anyway, you check out the cake at the video later. We spent around 3 hours to eat as it is a steamboat buffet so we can eat as many as we can so the money that we paid is worth. In fact, the price is very reasonable as it costed us RM27.50 per person. In the matter of fact, my friends didn't know that the dinner was actually for their belated birthday celebration. Something funny happened and it shocked me! Whilst we're having our meal, the shop played the birthday song out of sudden and I was like 'OMG, what's going on?' I was so stunned at the moment until I found out that the birthday song was actually for other people. Thanks GOD! Whatever, we continued to have our meal then my friend and I went to the counter and get the cakes and lighted up the candles. The birthday songs started to play and we sang them birthday song. We took videos, photos and ate the cake of course before we went back to our hostel. They seem happy actually and one of the birthday friends said that she never thought there will be celebrating her belated birthday which we did it. Hopefully they felt surprised and happy for the celebration. Oh yeah, normally people will buy present for the one who birthday which we didn't but I do make a video for them that recorded down our precious moment that we spent together. Without bluffing, I wish them Happy Birthday once again, all the best in everything, stay healthy and stay happy! 

Birthday Girl- Suhui

Birthday Boy- Sheng Ping

Birthday Girl- Xinyu

Sisters love

Big Degree Family


The guy was too shy to hold girls' hand! HAHAHA LMAO

To get an overall of the celebration, check out the video!!!