Saturday, 27 June 2015

Corporate Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Few days ago, I was joining a corporate to 2 Accounting/Audit Firms in Malaysia. That day, we gathered and departed from Kampar at around 8.30am and we reached the 1st firm at around 11.30am. On the way, most of us slept in the bus because we had woke up early in the morning in order to get our ready for the trip. All of us were wearing formal attire. Anyway, the 1st firm that we stopped by is Broadroom Limited. It is an accounting firm that provided lots of services except audit. We listened to their talk for around one and half hour. Both speakers and the staffs of the firm are very friendly and in fact, the talk had shaken my interest to join tax area which previously was audit area. They gave us a recycle bag with file that contain their slides and also application form for internship and permanent employment, a bottle of water and a pen. Due to time constraint, we were unable to stay long at the firm so we had our lunch nearby and the lunch was provided by the firm. We walked to the restaurant to have their most popular food which is Nasi Lemak. This Nasi Lemak is the most famous in Uptown Area. Everyone who come to Malaysia must have a try on that. The restaurant was full house at the moment and Thanks God, they had made some reservation so we got our seats. This time, me and my friends had to separate due to limited places for fitting 3 of us in one table so I sat with other people who I knew them from the camp that I went previously. I was not so close to them but after awhile I was so crazy with them. We eat, we chat and we joke around. Among those table, we were the only one that laugh so hard, can say is the most noisy one. We even joke around with one of the organizer. The feeling was really great! For your information, I ate 2 plates of Nasi Lemak. Actually they served one plate each people but the organizer saw me only ate the chicken and the rice had finished, so she gave me another plate to eat. This make me so FULL like literally! After the lunch, we have to say goodbye to them and move to another firm which is Deloitte, an Audit Firm. This is the Big Four Firm and I always wanted to be part of them. When we were there, one of the staff directed us to a meeting room for attending a talk from one of their manager. I like the talk very much as it was very informative and I sat at the 1st row which make me more clear about it. I get to ask question to them to make myself more clear about which way I should go. In fact, I was so clear at the moment and I know this is what I want. After the talk, the firm provided us dessert, tea and coffee. We went to their cafeteria. The reaction when I stepped in to their cafeteria is WOW! This is so beautiful, young and incredible. Me and my friends took some photos there and chit chat a little bit before we attend another session. After tea, another session start and we have to do survey on something. Actually we have to get a company tour before we back to Kampar but due to time constraint, we canceled the tour and get our butt up to the bus. It was around 6pm at the moment. As you know, it was the time that will have traffic jam and we're trapped. Whatever, I used to it. Before we went back, we stopped at R&R in Rawang to have our dinner. The dinner was good but not as good as lunch. We spent around one hour there and started our journey back to Kampar at 8pm. On the way back, all of us were so tired so we slept again. At around 10pm, we reached Kampar and all of us went back to our hostel. Overall, the trip was fun, enjoyable and informative. Oh yeah, I did submit my resume to Deloitte before I left. Hopefully I will get a feedback from them for my internship position. That's all for the corporate trip and here are some photos that we took for the day. 

With Committee from the previous camp

Be a Model whist having the dessert

The dessert was good and I couldn't wait to finish it

The famous Nasi Lemak in Uptown

All photos were taken with Iphone 5s. No filter and more photos for tomorrow! Ciao!