Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day Before Heading to Malacca- Previous Trip Day 1

This Malacca Trip was planned out of expectation because it was suggested by my friend and everyone on it. So I was in charge for hotel, my friend in charge for transportation and the other in charge for the whole schedule in Malacca. Alright, before we headed to Malacca, my friends came to Klang where I stayed to have an one day trip in Klang. 3 of the reached Klang at around 2pm and I was going to fetch another friend who stay in Klang also before I went to fetch them. I bought them Hokkaido Cake which they wanted it so badly and it was on me! Since it was a tea time, I brought them to the famous hawker centre for us as a Klang citizen to have popiah, cendol etc then we headed to one of the Mall in Klang which is Setia City Mall because it was quite inconvenient for them to get there. Anyway, we had a little walk around the mall and it's almost dinner time so I brought them to the famous restaurant in Klang which called Restaurant Boston Baru. It's a seafood restaurant. We waited there for around 45 minutes before the door opened and people are actually waiting like us too because we all knew that it will be lots of people if we didn't wait as people are willing to queue up for the food even the queue is pretty long. When the door was opened, everyone rushed to get the place and Thanks GOD, we got the place and started ordering our food. As we're having our dinner there, we met our University friends too! What a coincident!

Seafood Restaurant

1st Dish


2nd Dish

3rd Dish

4th Dish

This meal costed us around RM85 which it was on me and my Klang Friend. After the dinner, we went to One City Skypark which is in Puchong Area. What so special about it that we will take around 30 minutes to reach there. Actually, it is a shopping mall that consists of glasses on the rooftop where you can experience or conquer the fear of height and walk on the transparent glasses that you can see through from the rooftop to the ground. It's pretty cool actually and some people may not dare to step on the glasses. We had a walk there and took photos before we headed to Setia Walk. What so special in Setia Walk? There is actually a building and inside the building, there is a whole floor that they make it like in ShangHai and it's called ShangHai Street if I'm not mistaken. In the floor, many food is sold and you may able to take a short tour to 'ShangHai'. After that, we went to 'Mamak Stall' to have our supper and what so special about it is the fried chicken and Nasi Lemak. So I brought them to taste it before we called off the night.

Wefie on the rooftop!

Another Wefie

In ShangHai Street at Setia Walk

Oh Yeah! This is the Name:'Grand Shang Hai'

They overnight at my place! All these photos where taken by iPhone 5s and no filter.