Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day Head to Malacca- Previous Trip Day 2

Before we headed to Malacca, we had our breakfast in Klang. What do people in Klang have for breakfast in the morning? It is Bak Kut Teh which is the most famous food in Klang that normally people will know about it if you said you're from Klang. So without hesitation, we went to eat Bak Kut Teh as our breakfast before the journey to Malacca. I brought them to one of the Bak Kut Restaurant in Klang where I will normally have my meal, it is Nan Feng Bak Kut Teh! This meal costed us again around RM80++ and it was on me and my Klang friend. 

Our Breakfast of the Day

Wefie before start the journey

So we had our breakfast and ready to go! On the way to Malacca, we will pass by Seremban and we stopped by a shop there for awhile because we're having 'Char Siew Pow' at the particular shop! Why we stopped by? Because it is famous in Seremban and is a must when passing there! 

This is the shop that we stopped by

Then we continue our journey! It took us around one and half to reach Malacca. When we reached Malacca, the traffic was a little congested but whatever, we were going to our hotel to check in before start hunting for food. We parked our car at the hotel and walked around the places to get our food where it's just nearby our hotel. On the way to find our food, there are lots of things you can witness like the historical buildings, transports and so forth. Many people on the road actually. Anyway, that's time for us to take photos and eat the famous food in Malacca.

When reach Malacca Town

Junction nearby our hotel 

Wefie with the Ship (Historical Ship)

Sideview of the Ship

Backview of the ship

Wefie again! Asian's culture 

Melaka River Pirate Park


On the way to food hunt


Walked in line

The Big Wheel 

A small garden

People are taking bus to Malacca

Old Building but still in shape


River Hopping with the boat

The Canon that left behind decades ago! I took another picture of mine with this canon here


Fun part of trip is to take weird photo

The roundabout of the town

The Stadthuys

The pedicabs at the street await for tourism

The Stadthuys


Selfie with Christ Church, Malacca



Take a rest under a big tree


Another Old Building in red

Military Ship which become history

Crossing the river to food hunt

The connection of the town

Oh yeah, ready for food hunting 

Hard Rock in the town


Place to buy some natives/souvenirs  

Place to have Durian Cendol

Inside of the building

Durian Cendol! 

This is YUM!!! 


This is what people use to fill up alcohol decades ago

Jonker Street! More Food to Go! Noted: Please come on Friday to Sunday- more food is awaiting you

Cars, people, bikes! 

Ice Cream in egg shape

This is Durain Puff! Yummy! Other flavors are available

Get our Tornado Potato! Taste good and like potato chips 

End of Jonker Street 

Another tasty Cendol 

Asam laksa

Wefie with the windmill 

Old Church

Group Photo on the top of the mountain

After the walk and food hunt, we went back to hotel again to clean ourselves and take a rest before we had our dinner which is Capitol Satay, the famous food in Malacca and you need to wait and queue up! We took roughly 50 minutes to reach our turn for food but it's worth to wait! 

Long Queue

The name of the restaurant

Yeah, our turn!

Wefie again before having our dinner

Done and satisfied that costed us RM120++

After dinner, we went back to our hotel area. There is a tower nearby which you can take it up to the top of the tower to have an either day or night view of Malacca. The place called Menara Taming Sari. It's not a bad idea to take a ride because the view is AWESOME!

The pedicabs at night! Pretty Cool!

The nightview of the tower (sorry because it's blur)

Start to get up!




View from the Top!

Dayview of the Tower

The Pic that I liked the most! haha

After the ride, we went back to our hotel to take rest and have some games before we sleep! So, it's basically how we went through our 1st day in Malacca! Tired but awesome!
All photos were taken with iPhone 5s and no filter.