Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day in Malacca- Previous Trip Day 3&4

We woke up very early in the morning because we're going to taste the famous chicken rice in Malacca town nearby the entrance of Jonker street which if we go late, we have to queue up! We went to the shop at around 9am and thanks GOD, we need not to queue up and there was a table for us. We settled down and ordering our food and the food was ready to serve! 

The Church nearby our parking lots

On the way to have our chicken rice

Woohoo! Famous Chicken Rice! A MUST when go to Malacca!

After the delicious and satisfied breakfast, we headed to A'Famosa and it took us around 45 minutes to reach the destination. On the way, some of us took a nap because it was a long journey and felt sleepy after a full breakfast!

The Entrance of A' Famosa with Christmas Theme

The Tank at the roadside

We got ourselves a pass to enter the safari! It costs us around RM50 per ticket if you hold a MyKad

The Parrots on my shoulder and hand

Look like we're in Jurassic Park

The small garden in Safari

One of the animals' show in Safari 

Went to another small island on the lake for witnessing the monkey and sheep

Entrance of another show which included in the ticket purchased

Cowboy Show

Taking a tour to wild animals like tiger, crocodile, lion etc.

Lion King!

We spent around half of our day in this Safari and it's kind of awesome because we able to get 3 shows in this safari and a meal. All these are included in the ticket purchased so it's worth to enter! For more videos, can check out my instagram as I had uploaded some videos regard the shows. These are the link and link. In fact, there are still some other theme parks to enjoy like water theme park, old west etc which u can check this website out for more information. We only able to enjoy Safari Wonderland due to time constraint. After spent hours in Safari Wonderland, we headed back to the town. On the way, we stopped buy a shop that sell coconut milkshake which is the famous drink in Malacca as well. It tastes pretty good and I would like to have another one if I have that chance.

The Entrance of the Shop

This is the one, Coconut Milkshake

We took away this drink and enjoyed it on the way we back to the town! Time passed real quick and it's dinner time again. This time, we went to a Nyonya Restaurant nearby our hotel and it took us around 15 min to reach by car. In this restaurant, they will have Nyonya culture performance so besides enjoying your food, you can experience the culture of Nyonya and even took photo with the performers. The food is pretty good as well.

Photo with the performers 

1st dish - chicken


2nd dish - vegetable


3rd dish - Tomyam Fish

Well, all these dishes had satisfied our appetite. After dinner, we went to Portugal Village. What so special about that? During Christmas, the residents of the village will decorate their house with Christmas Trees, light on etc for tourism like us to witness and it's pretty cool. Some of them will open up their gate for you to enter their house for a look. It's pretty lively! If you're hungry, there is a hawker centre for you to have your supper and it's nearby the sea! AWESOME! After an hour or 2 hours that spent in that village, we headed back to our hotel to take a rest, play games and called off the day. Awesome and fun day though tired!

All these photos were taken in that village! Pretty cool right! Enjoy every single moment that I spent in that village and were taken with iPhone 5s. No filter on the photos.

Alright, the next morning which is the forth day and also the last day of our trip, we went back to Jonker Street to have our breakfast. I had cendol and Nasi Lemak as my breakfast and they taste good. After that, we went to The Stadthuys there to buy our souvenirs like shirts, keychain etc. Before that, we went back to the shop where we had our durain cendol to get some native of Malacca. Before we back to our hometown, we went to Mahkota Parade. What so special about the Mall? We went there because of Nadeja. It's a shop that sell cake with layers. As one of my friends' birthday is around the corner, we order few slides of cakes to make a round so we ended our trip by celebrating his birthday! 

Breakfast on the Last day!

Nadeja Cakes! YUMMY!

Happy Birthday My Friend!

After the celebration, we went back our home! It was an awesome and incredible trip to me!We have joy, we have fun, we have precious moment in our life! Trip is what make our life better, look around the world, the culture in different places, the local food and the enthusiasm of the local! All these will complete a human being with experienced and knowledge. No doubt, I enjoyed every single moment or every single trip that I went on! Because we only live once. Experience and Enjoy are the most important in life! Life is short in fact, so we have to treasure and appreciate every moment that we spent together no matter with family, friends or even stranger, As stranger may become our friend or even closed friend! Anyway, this is the end of my trip with my Degree friends! Thanks for appearing in my Unilife, to colour my life's puzzle in order to make it a complete one at the end of my life! Thanks and Appreciate.