Monday, 8 June 2015

Final Year In My University

This is my final year of my degree life in university. The final year is the most stressful year to all of the undergraduate students like me. We have to prepare for our internship and start drafting a proposal for our final year project which I will be starting to do it ASAP. Well, in the matter of fact, I had came out with 5 different areas of the topics which I'm not gonna discuss here because they are confidential and not allow to be revealed. Besides, I had been searching for my internship companies and came out with a lists too. Mostly, the companies are just around my housing area and only some of them are beyond my housing area. Anyway, I yet to send them my resume and confirmation letter from faculty. Another thing is that I got zero idea what I'm gonna be after graduate. Well, I guess I had made up my mind which I will be covered sooner or later but not now. Next is to maintain my CGPA. Yes, I got quite good CGPA which my advisor told me in the same way and I'm pompous about it but I got quite bad in my curriculum which I guess it's too late for me to participate. The only curriculum that I normally take part is the soft skills that I attend. So all these are really overwhelming and I cant' barely breathe. I know it's not the right time for me to cry for it, it's time for me to stand up like a real man to challenge every single barrier that try stopped me from succeed. I keep telling myself I can get through it no matter how hard life is. In fact, I had came across many difficulties like I remember in one of my previous semester, I took business law and I felt for both of the midterm which I scored 8 out of 50 marks and my coursework for the subject was failed. I'm so upset about it and I even cry for it because my effort never paid off. After a long night, I told myself I'm not gonna give up and I start to put more effort than before in this subject and I scored a B+ in this subject. I was so happy at the moment as I thought I will fail the subject initially. Since then, I know that as long as we put effort in doing something, surely we can do it well though is not perfect. So I'm gonna challenge those challenges in my final year which I mentioned earlier and make it sound successfully at the end of my university life which I can use it to reminisce or proud of when I get old one day. STAY FAITHFUL, STAY STRONG! BE READY, BE SMART! NOTHING CAN'T STOP YOU FROM SUCCEED! YOU LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE! MAKE IT SOUND LOUDER BECAUSE YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! FIGHTING!