Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hangout with Friends

Today is the day that I back to my hostel after a month break. Before I back to hostel from hometown, I had a short meet up with my ATC friends again! We went to eat sushi at Sushi Zanmai and we chit chat for hours. Anyway, I was taking train to meet them and the train was crowded and I can't barely breath and I felt myself is like a sandwich or tuna. Thanks God. I still survive. Anyway, let's get back to the meet up! When we met, we got no idea what to have for our lunch so we went to the mall and start deciding and finally we chose Sushi Zanmai to get our lunch. I ate Chicken Katsu Curry for my lunch and it taste good! I love it so much and we continue to chit chat after the lunch. We talked a lot of things like about our life, ATC stuff, joke around etc. Time pass really fast when there is an awesome moment. So we have to say goodbye to each other because I was rushing for the train. But before that, we took photos and this is a must for us whenever we hang out.


Wefie before I left

Photo with Lydia

photo with Jess