Friday, 19 June 2015

Hectic Week After Camping

This was a hectic week to me! Well, I guess I'm not the only one who experienced this hectic week since we're final year student in our Bachelor course. Normally we will take around 5 to 6 subjects in one semester which mean we have around 5 to 6 written assignments and around 4 presentations (depends on the unit plan). We all had experienced this before but this semester onward, we have to add on some other things like looking for internship and our final year project. So, this is the 2nd week of my semester, I have to look for internship, calling the company to ask for the position, send them CV and resume and wait for their response. Then we have to rush to faculty to get confirmation letter to prove that we're the particular university student. Anyway, until now I only applied for one and I got an interview offered from them but I haven't send them my confirmation because we have to wait our faculty's stuff to get it to us. Next, my final year project! Since the day I came back from camping, I looked for supervisor and reserve them so they won't be get reserved from anyone. As u know, good supervisor is hard to get so we have to take action before others did. I had booked a supervisor and discussed what to do for my final year project. I had found some journal articles waiting to get approval from tutor before approaching to supervisor which I haven't get the approval yet because I forgot to submit my proposal. What the heck! So I have to wait again! Hopefully those journal articles and title will get approval from both supervisor and tutor. We like running to lecturers' office for our entire weeks due to this matter! Sigh! Anyway, I took roughly 5 subjects in this semester, so I got 5 written assignments, 2 debates, 4 midterms and 2 presentations plus the FYP and the interview from companies. So I will be very busy in the coming week and not this week. Every assignments came at the same time and due at the same time so we have to plan our properly or else we will be in rush! Whatever, I ended up my hectic week pretty good as I got to catch up my long waited drama series 'Mistresses' and watched a movie in the cinema which is 'Jurassic World'. What a good movie man! Beside that, I had edited 2 videos in a week which I had pended for so long and I'm uploading the second one real soon! For the 1st video, you guys can check our my youtube with this link. This video is about the celebration of my friends' birthday! The Second one will be about the trip that I went during my semester break which I'll be uploading right now and you can check out on what's going on at the previous blogs which I had written it down with some photos. All these works can make me sleep in class literally. Hectic Life!