Thursday, 4 June 2015

Langkawi Trip Day 1

Anyone has dreams and I'm not the exception. I do have dreams. My dreams are to drive my favorite car which is Range Rover, own a villa in Los Angelas, Australia or California, travel around the world etc. Well, the dream that concern me the most is travel whereby I want to backpack around the world, just like what other backpackers are doing. Some of them travel with less money or no money, some of them travel with budget and some of them did work and travel at the same time so the earning that earned can assist them for furthering their journey. So, I wish to become of them, to try everything in this world like couchsurfing, hitchhiking, backpacking, camping and even try some adventure activities like cliff jump, bungee jump, rafting, skydiving, rock climbing etc. Anyway, my aim is to be a traveler or backpacker and travel to every part of the world. Here comes to my 6th travel in my University life. To get closer to my dream, I insist to travel to one place in my semester break. So, this time, I was traveling to Langkawi Island, Malaysia with my friends. I'm Malaysian anyway. So, the price for tickets that I mentioned later will be cheaper as I'm holding a Mycard which is my identity card as a Malaysia.

My dream is to be a backpacker :-)

Before we're heading to Langkawi Island, me and my friends were overnight at one my friend's house in Kajang because his house is the place that quite near to KLIA 2. So we made our decision to stay at his house for one night and chill at his area. Anyway, you guys can check out what we did that night at my friend's area at Storie apps. Alright, we woke up very early on the next day because we're taking train to KLIA 2. We departed from our friend's house at around 7.30am and we reached KLIA 2 at around 9am or 9.30am which I can't remember the exact time. We took KTM from Kajang Station to Bandar Tasik Selantan station to change our transport to KLIA Express. If you're departing from KL Sentral, you can take KLIA Express without changing to any kind of trains. From Bandar Tasik Selantan to KLIA 2, it costed us around RM26.50 according to the official website. Anyway, after we got to KLIA 2, we went to print our tickets and eat our breakfast and we waited at the boarding area for around 3 hours because our flight was at 12.45pm which you guys can checkout what's going on at my storie

OTW to KLIA 2 by taking KLIA Express

Nando's as our breakfast! Yum~~~

Our flight to Langkawi Island

wait for baording 

A wefie in the plane before we took off

We're literally in the sky 

After about an hour flight and finally we reached the airport in Langkawi Island. After we touched the ground, we rented a car which is a Toyota Avanza that costed us around RM200 and petrol RM50 for 3 days 2 nights. The price is reasonable. Besides, we got our package for Island Hopping on the next day which will be discussing later and it costed us around RM35 per person. We met a friend there who also traveling to Langkawi with her own friend. 

We met our friend and took wefie again in the car

Then we left the airport and headed to our hotel, we stayed in Green Village Hotel, nearby Cenang Beach. The hotel is quite good actually, Wifi is good, swimming pool, free parking and the price is reasonable too. After we reached hotel, we had a swim at the pool and we took a rest before we headed to another destination. After that, we headed to have our dinner at one of the chinese restaurant in Kuah where it is the city of Langkawi. The name of the restaurant is Wonderland Seafood Restaurant. Again, the price is reasonable and highly recommended. We had 3 dishes and 1 soup as our dinner and it's only costed us around RM100++. 

Dinner on the first night 

After the dinner, we went to the highlight of Langkawi Island which is Dataran Lang Langkawi, the entrance fees is free, the only thing u need to pay is the parking fee if you're driving. Great view and cool. This place is nearby the jetty if you took boat to Langkawi, the first thing you will notice is the Big Eagle at Dataran Lang Langkawi. The Eagle is pretty cool and magnify.

Night view of the Eagle

Day view of the Eagle

After we had visited this place, we headed back to Cenang Beach and have a walk at that area where I will call it as street nearby Cenang Beach. The street is lively at night but lively during day time too. There are lots of restaurant, souvenir shops or free duty shops at that street which tourists can buy whatever they want at that street. I bought some bourbons and chocolates at the street too. After that, we bought some drinks and headed back to hotel for chilling purpose and we called off the day on the first night in Langkawi Island.

 All these photos were taken at the lively street that I mentioned. I kind of love this street or area because it is so relaxing. Anyway, this is the first day we spent in Langkawi Island. All the photos that I showed are no filter and taken by only iPhone 5s.