Saturday, 6 June 2015

Langkawi Trip Day 2 Part 1

Well, here comes to day 2 of my Langkawi trip with my friends. We had our breakfast that provided by the hotel before we headed to the jetty where we would take our boat to have Island Hopping. The people from the agency of traveling sent their people to pick us up at the hotel so we don't have to drive and we reached the jetty and ready for our Island Hopping.Well, there were roughly 23 passengers and that consist of many races from different countries like Iran, India, Malaysia etc. I'm from Malaysia by the way. We were riding something like speedboat and it's real fast and the sea water keep splashing on us but it was fun! Note: Do not wear your sport shoes or trainers, slippers is good enough and shorts or swimsuits will be more preferable than long jeans or trousers, bring your towel as well because you'll be getting wet. Alright, this Island Hopping consists of 3 highlights whereby 1 of them will be enjoying the view on the boat and the other 2, you can hop off the boat and have fun on the islands. The 1st island that I visited was the Legendary Tasik Dayang Bunting which we will call it as Pregnant Maiden Lake. The shape of this island is like a pregnant woman who lay down on her back. 

This is the Pregnant Maiden Lake where we got this view on the boat

After that, we went into this island. The other name of this island is Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. We hopped off the boat at the jetty over there. What I can say is that the view is awesome and I love it so much. On this island, we have to walk or climb a pathway that will direct us to the other part of the island and again, the view is awesome. No words can describe this place. I was so impress until I'm wordless at that moment. Well, I guess you guys maybe blur on that. Nevermind, I'm gonna show you some photos about this awesome island. In fact, it's a lake on the other side of the island whereby we can swim or have some water sports over there.

Approaching the Island. Awesome right! 

The pathway that direct us to the other side of the Island

The Name of the Island : Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park

The is the pathway that we have to go thru. Awesome right! Fresh air everywhere! Feel the nature of the island 

The wayside pavilion for us to rest

The is what we have to climb to go to other side of the island to the lake 

Reach the other side of the Island!

Another view of the Lake/Island 

Typical Asian's Stuff I guess

Wefie is a must when reaching some special places

Place where you can do your water sports or swim in this lake!

Enjoying at the lakeside 

Heading back to Jetty to hop to other Island

The next island that we will be visiting is the witness wild eagles in a very close distance. We were not allow to go off from the boat because we may attacked by them. So, we have to witness on the boat and take some photos or videos. Those eagles are real big.

Eagles are flying in the sky

Witness the eagles on the boat just like this

The last island that we will be visiting is Pulau Beras Basah aka Wet Rice Island. This island is great and I able to take a swim there because it's like a beach and the sea water is clean and clear. Besides, you able to get real close to the monkeys but aware of your belongings because my bread was snatched by them. But it's okay, you still can feed them with the food you bring or take photos. Anyway, I prefer to swim because it's awesome.

Enjoying on the beach before swimming 

Another group photo before leaving the island

Alright, here comes to end for the Island Hopping. For islands that we can step on, we can spend around one hour on the island. So roughly, this island hopping consumed around 3 to 4 hours to complete. By the way, I get to know a friend from Iran while on the way to the island. So, it's a good idea to have Island Hopping in Langkawi, we not only able to get some incredible views and experiences  but also we able to meet new friends worldwide. HAHAHA!

A selfie on the boat!! 

Meet new friend :-)

So, we back to our hotel with the car that they provided. To take a rest and bath before enjoying the rest of our day. AWESOME! Anyway, please check out my storie  for the video so you will have a better picture of the Island hopping from the video that I recorded. No filters on the photos that I provided. All were taken by iPhone 5s :)