Saturday, 6 June 2015

Langkawi Trip Day 2 Part 2

After the Island Hopping, we went back to out hotel and took a swim again at the swimming pool before we start our next session of the day. We took a swim and rest a little bit then we decide to grab subway as our lunch, because the time for us to have our lunch was like too late but if let's say dinner, it's too early. So, we took subway as our late lunch to fill up our hungry stomach. 

Our lunch :-)

After the late lunch, we plan to visit Black Sand Beach that located at the other side of Langkawi Island (this is what I can say about it). Anyway, it took us around 25 minutes to reach Black Sand Beach from Cenang Beach. Well, I guess we reached there too early (arond 4.30pm), it so hot but whatever I just enjoy it. From what I know about the beach is that the reason the beach became black is because of the oil or petrol or diesel. I took some photos of the beach and even recorded videos which I will provide a link at the end of this blog.

This is how the Black Sand Beach looks like :-)

We stopped by this beach for around half an hour because the weather is super hot! Thanks God, we had applied sun block or else, will get sun burn easily. Reminder, please bring sun block cream while traveling to place like Langkawi Island. Then we headed back to hotel again to take a rest  and eat some snacks before have a walk to the beach nearby our hotel. After half an hour,  I walked to the beach nearby which is Tengah Beach. The beach is awesome, full with water sports like parasailing. People swim there too but I choose not to because I would like to enjoy sitting on the beach and witness the magnified view of sunset. We took quite a number of photos at the beach. We spent around 2 hours there just to enjoy the view, the wind that blow towards us and the sound of the wave that splashing against the beach. These were so awesome. I guess, I can just spend a day on this beach and get tan!

The pathway that lead me to the beach

Enjoying the view whist walking to the beach

Beach chair but we have to pay 

Enjoy the view!

Like the scene in F&F 7! LOL

People are playing!

Waiting to play Parasailing

Ready to fly!!! WOOHOO

Jump high at the beach

This photo was taken at my previous trip with my family to Langkawi Island, I played it last time so this time I won't be playing but I still showing it because it's awesome and video is ready soon. :-) I was ready to fly! 

Around 8pm, we were hungry and decided to grab our dinner at the restaurant nearby. The food there is delicious and price is reasonable as well. It's a seafood restaurant and it's run by chinese. The restaurant is almost full house whenever I got there.

This is where we had our dinner

After we had our dinner, we took a walk at the lively street too because it was our last night in Langkawi Island and we gotta treasure everything in it like the scenery, the noise of cheering etc. Oh yeah, before I end, we also headed to the beach next to Tengah Beach which is Cenang Beach. We went there night time but I able to show some photos of it in daytime because I took it from my previous trip. :-). This beach is awesome though! It's clean and the sea water is clear! And you will able to enjoy anything just like Tengah Beach! Can spend a day there too!

A pole that full with good morning boards in different languages

The view of Cenang Beach in day time

In Pano form

This is awesome right! I mean the beaches! Alright, this is how my second day and second night went in Langkawi Island. Anyway, please watch my storie so you will have a better picture I guess. Ciao! Tschuss! Bye! :-)
Again, the photos are no filter and also taken with iphone 5s