Sunday, 7 June 2015

Langkawi Trip Day 3 (Last day)

This is the third day we spent in Langkawi Island and also is our last day in this awesome island. As usual, we had our breakfast in our hotel and we went to the duty free shop to buy our chocolates and bourbons. After that, we went back to our hotel to pack our stuff and ready to check out of the hotel and ready to spend our last best moment in Langkawi. The last day plan was abit more exciting but tired because we're going to Oriental Village to have our skycab, skydome, skybridge, 6D movie and 3D Art Galleries! These is so awesome! Well, we reached Oriental Village in noon and we bought our passes to enjoy whatever activities in Oriental Village with our limited time. Anyway, we still have some other activities can't enjoy because of the time limit. All the passes for the activities that I mentioned cost me around RM100. Actually, the plan of these activities are well planned like we went to skydome first before skycab then sky bridge continue with 6D movie and last is 3D Art Galleries. So, it's quite good and you can actually fully utilized the time that you have for the plan.

This is the Skydome where it's our first stop in Oriental Village. What we did in it is like watching a short video in the cinema but of course it comes with a round screen. Pretty cool actually because normally we will just experience flat screen in cinema instead of round screen.

After watching a short video from Skydome, we headed to queue up for the Skycab! 

On the way up to the hill

We're at the 1st stop of the skycab!It's pretty awesome right! I'm the view! So relaxing and cool!

Here is another photo I took! See, how steep the string that carry the skycab is! 

Wefie in the skycab! Asian's culture :-)

Another wefie at the 1st stop :-)

This is the skycab that we will ride up and down from the hill

We took some photos at the 1st stop then we proceeded to the 2nd stop which is much more higher than the 1st stop I guess. The view is awesome too! After we reached the 2nd stop, we took photos and take a rest before we headed to Skybridge whereby we need to buy the pass in order to access to the Skybridge which costed us RM5 each person! Well, what I can say about the Skybridge is worth going. Anyway, the pathway that direct us to Skybridge still in progress so the pathway that I went through will a little awful, long distance, steep staricase and I'm tired actually but all the tiredness paid off when I reach Skybridge because it is AWESOME and COOL.

The pathway to Skybridge

We climb up and down to the skybridge

Finally we made it and it is awesome! THIS IS SKYBRIDGE

Took a selfie before crossing that bridge :-)

View from the another end of the bridge

A wefie again before we left the skybridge

Climbing again, to get back where we had started

Anyway, there are several pieces of glass where you can walk on it and it is transparent which you will have to conquer your fear in order to go through it because you can see through the glasses to the bottom of the mountain. Well, I choose to sit on it where you can check you the photo here. Oh, when you're at the second stop of the hill, you will able to have a indefinite view. It's awesome! Because I was doing it. Alright the skycab, skydome and skybridge had over and we hopped on the skycab again so we can come down to the ground. Next, we headed to 6D movie whereby we will have to wear a specific spec to watch and there were 3 rows and 2 column of chairs that consists of 12 chairs in the small cabin, The chair will move and you will be get a little wet for some scenes. After the movie, we headed to 3D Art Galleries. You have to take off your shoes in order to get in. Reminder, please bring extra batteries for your camera or powerbanks for your gadgets because there are lots of photos you need to take, just like me, XD. Here are the photos that I took. I just able to show a part of them because it is too many!

The entrance of 3D Art Galleries

Getting trapped into this big Octopus 

Being a cool surfer

Please listen to me! haha

We're a family ;-)

Please don't eat me, big Panda! I don't to be your food

Here comes to the end of the 3D Art Galleries

Anyway, there are still photos about this galleries which you can check it out herehere and here. We spent hours in it because too many 3D arts to witness. All these activities consumed us around 4 hours to visit and our stomach start to make sound. So we decided to hunt some food and we came to a beach nearby, there will be selling some Malaysian food like cendol, rojak, nasi lemak etc. The price is again reasonable. You can have good food with good view!

The view where we had our break there

After grabbing some food, we went to a Petrol station nearby where it is the place that people stop their ship like luxury ships over there. We didn't take any photos because we would just go there for washroom purpose at the petrol station. But I do take some photos from my previous trip so here is the photos.

this is the place that people place or harbor their ship!

Alright, its time for us to go to airport and return the rented car to the owner. We promised to return the car at 7pm which we made it and our flight was actually at 9pm so we have to wait another 2 hours. So we decided to have our dinner at MarryBrown in the airport after we got out flight passes printed. We took a little break before dinner and we took photos again!

Selfie with my friend whilst resting

A photo show how desperate I am to be a backpacker 

Anyway, gotta say goodbye to this beautiful island. Time fly when happy moment! Our flight is ready to fly us home! See you again Langkawi Island.

Night Flight 

Anyway, please check out my storie for better picture of the day. See you, Ciao, Tschuss and Goodbye! All the photos are taken with iphone 5s(now) and DSLR Canon 700D(for previous trip).

The overall ongoing of my trip, please watch this video: