Monday, 1 June 2015

My 21st Birthday Celebration

My 21st celebration

Try to be a Model after getting a watch

Alright, my birthday had been over for around 2 months and I was so happy. Anyway, I'm turning 21st year old this year so here my friends help me to celebrate my birthday. Actually for this year, I was celebrated 3 times for my birthday and of course with different gang of friends. First celebration was with my degree friends, Second celebration was with my foundation friends and the third celebration was with my secondary school friends. Alright, let's get into it.
For the first celebration, my degree friends were helping to celebrate early which they celebrated two days early of the birthday because one of them was busy on the day of my birthday. So yeah, we celebrated. Before the celebration, they were discussing on how to celebrate in front of me and of course I know where to celebrate my birthday but I don't know what's surprise they will give me. So, here comes to the day. They brought me to one of the restaurant in Kampar so called Gold Label Restaurant. We had our dine over there and we continue to chit chat after the dinner. While chatting, the waiter pop out suddenly behind me with a cake and they started to sing for me. I was so shocked and stunned but happy at the same time. The most surprise thing in the celebration is that they customized a cake for me of which they make a poop shape cake for me as I keep drawing poop in class on my note. So they made it for me. Here is the cake that they made for me. HAHA :)))
My Degree Friends

Poop Cake that customized by my degree friends

After the awesome dinner and the cake, we head to play some pool at pool centre which we played for around 2 to 3 hours and we had our supper after playing at the Indian restaurant nearby which as a Malaysian, we will normally called the Indian restaurant as 'Mamak' and we continue our chit chatting session until midnight. This was my 1st celebration of my 21st birthday. A great night with them. :)))))

For the second celebration, actually I don't know they aka my foundation friends will help me to celebrate also because it was my birthday and I didn't get a message or a call from them like wishing me or asking me out for dinner. Out of expectation, they called me at around 7pm of the day and asked whether I had my dinner or not. Well, I was planned not to have my dinner that day because I was actually very full as I had my lunch quite late so I told I yet to have my dinner so they said let's go dinner with us and celebrate with you. End up, I went out with them for the dinner. They helped me to celebrate at one of the restaurants in Kampar so called OIC restaurant. We had our buffet there and we ate plenty of food and we're so full. Then something hilarious happened. Actually they wanted to give me surprise by asking the waiter to get the cake for me but whose know when the waiter want to ask for when to take the cake for me, the waiter nearly come to ask me. Thanks God, my friend quickly stopped him or else, there's no more surprise. Anyway, after some times, the waiter took the cake out and they started to sing the birthday to me. I was so happy and feeling awkward at the same time. I don't know why. I always feel awkward whens someone sing birthday song to me. So yeah, whatever and Happy Birthday to me. After hours of eating and celebrating, we went to play pool again and this time we played around 2 hours without going to 'Mamak' because we're so tired so we called off the night. Another great night with them. :))))) 

My Foundation Friends

After one month of my birthday, my secondary school friends help me to celebrate my birthday. They help me to celebrate this late is because I was not in town at the moment of my birthday. So no choice, they need to help me when I'm back in town. So yeah, we went out for celebration after a month. Before that, one of them ask me to back in town so they can help me to celebrate but I was too busy in preparing for my final exam so we made a deal on a particular date which is one month later and after my final exam. And one of them ask me guess what present they bought for which I got no idea until the day. So this is my third time birthday celebration. The long wait day had came and we had decided where to have our dinner which is at Boston Restaurant in Klang Town but it was full house when we got there and people are queuing so we have to change our mind and we went to another restaurant in Bukit Raja which I forgot what's the name of the restaurant. The restaurant is serving western food and it's super delicious. Oh yeah, before we head there. Let's talk about how the day went! Before I went out to fetch my friends, one of them text me and ask what's am I wearing. So I was wearing a T-shirt initially but she asked me to wear something smart which I had to wear a long sleeves shirt. After that, I went to fetch 3 of them to the restaurant. On our way to the restaurant, something happen in which they nearly expose the surprise guests but I got them and I kept quiet until we called off the day. Alright, here we came to the restaurant and 4 of us arrive first and another 3 of them arrived late who are the surprise guests for the celebration. Before they came, we took photos, chit chat and order our food. After they came and had order their food, they ask the waiter to get the cake for me. It was a fruit cake and it was superb and I like the cake very much. This cake was bought by my friend's mom so thanks ya Aunt. :))) They sang birthday to me and after that, one of them give me the present and ask me guess again and I still got no idea so I straight open up the present and you know what they got me for my present? It's a watch. I MENTIONED AGAIN, IT'S A WATCH! I was so surprise and happy and she really got my favourite watch! I was so touching at the moment. Thanks very much. My friend helped me to record video at the same time. Alright, I had been bragging for so long. After dinner, we went to the nearest mall to watch a movie so call Avengers: Age of Ultron. So our night end with the movie and I got home at around 12am. Another great night with lots of surprise by my friends. Thanks and Appreciate :)))

The watch that they gave me as a present!

My Secondary School Friends

All the celebrations had came to the end! Thank you very much for the celebration and the surprise! Appreciate. I enjoy with moment we hangout and not just on my birthday but once again, EVERY HANGOUT! Well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank who wish me thru facebook post, Twitter, whatsapp, text messages, Instagram (Do follow!HAHA) or even orally wish me. Thanks and appreciate! I'm officially 21st years old! Seriously, no words can describe how happy I am at the moment of the celebrate and even now. Anyway, I will end here. Ciao :))))