Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Ever Last Time Celebrating Chinese New Year in My Hometown

To my lovely hometown, this is my last time to celebrate Chinese New Year at my hometown in my lovely and warm house! The house had been there since the day I was born and it's about 40++ years old which older than me in the matter of fact. I was living in that house for almost 11 years before I was moving to other place to have a better education environment. There were both happiness and sadness moment that had happened in that house before which happiness is more than sadness. This is the house which will gather all of my relatives to bond together, to get to know each other better and also let us know what's going on with their current situation. Normally, the time we will gather together is Chinese New Year. All of us will back at one time and we will have our most precious time to spend with my cousins. We play, we eat, we gamble(blackjack), we chat and we sleep together in a room due to there were so many people in the house and we have to sleep together. Well, I guess I have to show how my old house looks like. 

An outlook of my old house in my hometown which no longer belongs to ours because we sold it. Sad! :-[

Let's get further view of my house! I love this house very much! When I was there, I felt so relaxing because the air is fresh, the weather is cold naturally when it's at night which mean the cold is better than an aircondition.

These words pronounce as 'Tai Yuan', start from right to left that represent my family's Surname which is Heng 

An antique cupboard!

The front part of the house

Living Room! Our fathers will sleep in living room if there was no enough room for them! haha

Entrance to my lovely house

The front view of the house!

These are those wells that our ancestors, ancestress or even my grandparent used for fill up the water in order to use it. But we're no longer need them, so my grandpa made it as a pot for planting some herbs or vegetables! Fully utilize! :-)

This is the kitchen

This is our dining room!

This is where we normally we wash our face or brush our teeth here!  

A short hallway that connect from living room to dining room and also those bedrooms

This is the car park! When Chinese New year, this land will full with cars which I'm gonna show you later.

A small garden that manage by my grandpa.

This is sort of balcony where we had to stand there or even play at there when there are lots of people in the house

Well, these photos will give a little idea on how the house looks like! Beside having fun in this house, we'll still help eldest to prepare for food and it's kind of bonding with the eldest, to have a chance for everyone to get to know each other better. Oh yeah, I'm gonna show my family photo that took on the first day of Chinese New year!

My family photo and I'm the youngest in the house!

Well, I'm so excited whenever I got back to this house but this house is no loner with us but I still welcome to my house or even my lovely hometown! It's a countryside actually. Next, I'm gonna show you that we're preparing for our dine! 

Some of them are preparing for some other dishes! FRESH PRAWN

Colorful right! First day of Chinese New year, all vegetables because we have to be vegetarian for the first day!

Anyway, these are what will happen in the house. Besides that, the empty space in front of my house which I mentioned earlier that will become a park lots. I guess it will be the last time to get this view too! I'm gonna miss it so much. 

Will normally full with cars! How lively it is but this view will no longer there! House sold!

 My hometown can also witness the sunset and it is superb. I will go there whenever I go back though the view is the same but I love it! Here are the photos. 

All the sunset photos that I took! AWESOME!

This is why I love my hometown so much! We normally will spent around 4 to 5 days in my hometown for celebrating the Chinese New Year! On the last day or last night that we spent in that house, everyone of us became so sentimental and sad because it was the last night we slept in the house that bonded us for years. Most of us tears for it and we slept quite late for that night actually because we just can't let go the house but we have to! I still remember when I was young, I used to climb the wall in my grandpa's room to checkout the people outside which you can checkout the photo here. We took turn to climb up there and took photos because we were remembering what's silly stuff that we had done when we were young. It's kind of awesome to flash back those memories because it was those memories that are so precious to one' life time. We can't get back to our childhood, what we can do is to make something that can reminisce when we're old! Alright, enough for sentimental stuffs, let's me conclude the days I spent my ever last time celebrating CNY in my hometown with this photo. Ciao my lovely home!I will always remember what had happened previously no matter it's good or bad! It's the memories that will never fade! I LOVE MY HOMETOWN! 
All these photos were taken with DSLR Canon 700D and iPhone 5s.