Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Thinking About My Future

I guess everyone in this world have the same problem when comes to think about their future and I'm not the exceptional. I do think and plan for my future every single day. Well, let's get to know about me. I'm an accounting student who about to graduate in one year time. Time fly and we can just pass this one whole year like blinking our eyes for a second. So everything need to be planned before we get into real life. My interest is backpacking or traveling around the world and also work and travel at the same. So here comes to me plan.
For the very first plan, I plan to join Infinity Abroad Program Winter Session to USA to work and travel for around 6 months time after I graduate. After finishing this program, I will be applying my visa to Australia for another one year of which for the 1st 6 months, I will be picking fruits and save some money for my local backpacking plan and the next 6 months, I will look for some jobs that's related to my field which is either accounting or auditing. What I really hope for is that the company is willing to extent my employment so I can live in Australia for 4 years and get a residential status which I always wanted since young. But before I go to USA, there's a gap between that whereby I will have a 6 months gap so I got no idea what to do, maybe I will get a job that related to my field and resigned or ask for sabbatical for the program that I want to join. In this 6 months time, I will use up to around 3 weeks time to backpack to either Indonesia or Thailand and the salaries that I earned, I will save it for my survivor in USA and also Australia. Well, I know that for fresh graduate, the earning is not much so I will try my best to save as much as I can so I will be able to survive in the 1st month to USA. Then, if I ever got the residential status in Australia, I will still continue to backpack at least twice per year and this is my goal. Anyway, here is what I roughly plan for the first plan. 

The Country that I always want to live in 

For the second plan, I plan to pursue my study at Cambridge English Centre in order to get my CELTA so that I'm eligible to teach English worldwide especially in underdeveloped countries or countries that are developing. Well, I know this is totally out of my field which I mentioned earlier. I guess people may wonder why do I have this thought? Actually I got this idea when I'm reading a blog so called One Step 4ward. Those blogs that wrote by the guy are so inspiring and it actually did inspire my to pursue my dream. By having this qualification, I able to teach in other countries like Thailand, Vietnam etc in order to earn some income that allow me to travel further and to explore the highlights of the countries. Therefore, I'm step closer to my dream which is to be a backpacker. Besides, I will also write blog about the life like that which I'm trying my best to start blogging now so I can earn money from blogging too. Well, I know people may think that I'm naive or not realistic enough. As we know, this is a reality world and most of the people will disagree with what I am gonna do especially my family members. But what I can do is to prove them. Anyway, I'm not saying that I'll be teaching for my whole life, I will travel to country like Australia to work and get the residential status which I always want it. However, I will still spending some of my time in teaching to the earning that I earned can assist my travel in that country. Besides, I will volunteer myself in to Reach Out WorldWide Program that initially was run by Paul Walker and run by Cody Walker after the tragedy. So, here comes to the end of my second plan. :) Please do check out ROWW!
The Logo of ROWW
For the third plan, I will stick to the realistic life whereby I will work for life in either Singapore or Malaysia. Work for paying housing loan, car loan, credit card etc. Work for family. THIS IS LIFELESS! Work 8-5 per day for 5 days per week or 6 days per week. I will travel as well but I guess not as often as plan 1 and 2. Anyway, here is the end of third plan.
 Anyway, among those plans that I mentioned, I don't know which one will work for me. But I will work for either plan 1 or 2 but not plan 3. Why? Because plan 3 is just LIFELESS! Yes, it may be make me rich in money in long term but I rather choose either plan 1 or 2 that will make me rich in experience that we would never ever learn in classes. Well, plan 1 and 2 are my dreams. To achieve them, I got to let of many things like my family, my friends etc but I would never regret. BECAUSE YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! STAY HAPPY STAY CHEERFUL! LIVE THE LIFE THAT WE WANT! THIS IS OUR LIVE! TREASURE IT, BECAUSE NOT MANY PEOPLE HAVE A CHANCE LIKE THIS! DREAM BIG ENOUGH THAT SCARE YOU, SO U WILL WORK HARD TO ACHIEVE IT! Anyway, I'm bluffing again and I found a photo that's quite meaningful which is: 

I will follow my dream to be a backpacker or work and travel and not just work for realistic life