Monday, 29 June 2015

What Should I do?

I'm back to this topic again because these things really overwhelm me. I always have an idea on what to do for my future but always got ruin by my family members. They asked me to be realistic because the life and the social that we lived in is realistic. I WANT TO BE A TRAVELER and I MEANT TO BE! I had been saving every penny that I got so I can travel. I remembered once that I found a cheap flight ticket to Krabi so I asked my siblings about it because I want to get their consent on what I do. Whose know, they rejected and said, you're too young to do this on your own and DO YOU HAVE MONEY? SEE, HOW REALISTIC THEY ARE! Well, I'M 21st YEARS OLD AND I'M AN ADULT which mean I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! Anyway, they just killed me! To be honest, I really want to be a BACKPACKER no matter HOW HARD LIFE IS! I can hitchhike, camping, couchsurfing etc. I know it's not easy but NEVER TRY NEVER KNEW and I also know that if I propose this to them again, they will just kill me with more bullets! Seriously? Why they always want to have a stable live? Well, I don't! I like to move from A to B then B to C and so on so forth. It is not the matter that I got lots of money but the dream and desire that seeded and nurtured in my heart wants me to continue to live with it. I don't want when I got old, all I left is working experience. This is not I want! Yes, I know everyone has difference point of view. But the thing is, please don't kill an ambitious young man with those excuses. I'm gonna tell you, it's only work for now but not later. I got my own thinking and this is my life so non of your business. Well, I guess I sound selfish but I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! I'm gonna execute the plan sooner or later!
Next, I don't know why my mom got such a conservative mind. She asked me to stay in where I currently live now and don't go oversea to work if I got the chance. Well, I can tell you, if I got a chance to leave, I will take it without hesitation. You wouldn't know how life on the other side of the world until you try it. This is how I tell her and she still insisted me to stay here. HELL NO! Whatever, I just smile and don't give a shit! 
Alright, enough for such shitty things. Remember that I had uploaded a blog about my corporate trip. This trip again gave me an idea to stick at my work which will be so lifeless though I have an opportunity to move from A to B and B to c etc. This is regarding work and not travel. WHAT I WANT IS TRAVEL AND MAKE MONEY FROM TRAVELING AND NOT JUST WORK AND MAKE MONEY! I really bored with my life. I wish I can change it and I will change. I just don't know which path to go. Everyone I talked to, they will ask me to put myself into other's shoes, you need to earn for future family or even go after your dream. I started to read lots of travel blog, follow them and even communicate with them. I wish I can make friends like them but in fact, friends around me are not like them. They prefer luxury trip instead of trying different kind of thing. Not many friends of mine will like to have adventure activities. Well, I guess I'm the only one who are interested in those things.
So many things to think of but I guess I will follow my heart though I may have a hard but experienced life. I WISH I CAN DO WHAT TOMISLAV OR JOHNNY DID! CIAO!