Monday, 31 July 2017

Day of being a Model

During our final year last semester, they will a photo shoot session offer to final year students like me and my fellows. I guess the purpose of this is to create the memory within ourselves with the condition of grouping a group of 10 to 20 people with a theme. In my group, there are twenty of us so basically it was kinda big group, many things need to be compromised in order to make it work. We discuss a lot but end up we choose to wear blue and white. On the day, we get to take a single portrait for our graduation ceremony and also take a lot of group photos that made up of many funny expression and posing. Well, what I can say is that, photos do create memories. Here are the photo shoot photo.
Which team will win?


Boys team

Nv Shen (Lady God)

Free style

Are we cute?

The fight is still continue

Personal Portrait for Graduation Ceremony

Candid Shot from my friends

This photo shoot session, we had to prebook it and too bad, we booked the day that we actually had our midterm exam. But, whatever, we did enjoy for the whole morning and enjoy our breakfast afterward. By the way, I do know a lot of friends from this photo shoot session. Might be awkward when first meet, but getting warmer to each other sooner or later especially when all get crazy during the ongoing photo shoot. Another story to share. Just cut all this short, I am happy to have this memories in my life, friends might not be always for you but photos does. A day of being a model was nice though.