Sunday, 30 July 2017

Day of Glorious

Every parent's dream is to look at their children success in the life. They will try to spend their hardship money to support their children in educating them and to send them to college so that they able to get a good job in near future. Well, my parent did the same and I graduated by obtaining a bachelor degree. 4 years of university life aren't easy especially when assignments and unfinished exam are haunted you. However, I did enjoy the life in the 4 years, got to know a lot of friends, but some friends ended up become a 'Hi Bye' friends. On the other hand, some friends will be ended up like a family especially those that going thru thick and thin together no matter on study or personal life. They will have your back when things get tough. To be honest, sometime I feel blessed to have them in my life, without them, my university life will be so dull. I guess I will cut all these shorts, after 4 years of study, I graduated with my fellows in year 2016 but unfortunately, some will have to extend their study and now they graduated as well. Here are the photos that show my glorious day with the gown that maybe you will just have it once in your lifetime and walking on the stage to receive the cone that witnessed by hundred of attenders. 
Received the Cone from VVIP

Photoshoot in the studio

Family Potrait

Attended this bitch's ceremony a day before mine

Just random capture the photo because the ceremony was way too boring

Selfie after getting the cone

The Palace that I had my graduation ceremory

With Parent

Family who attended my convocation

With Grandpa

With Shu Mai 

A friend that attended ours

With Final Year Projects

Close friends who graduated at the same time

With Suhui

With Xinyu

When a photographer helped us take photo

Yeah, we officially graduted

A team that I cannot lack of

Boys team

FYP Teammate

This guy has the same name as mine

Just something that I received 
After the glorious day ended, we all headed to our own path but still will meet up occasionally to update our life and stuff. Once friends, friends for lifetime. Thank You those who attended my graduation ceremony and also friends that I met throughout my university life. No matter where we are in the future, I wish you all, all the best in the future and you guys are my friends.